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My passion for movement and physicality first expressed itself through dance and eventually lead to me studying for a professional Dance Degree. Here I learned the importance of technique and posture and began to deeply analyse the biomechanics and physiology of the body. Alongside this very focused physical and scientific approach, I gained a holistic perspective of wellbeing which began in childhood. I grew up with exposure to chronic illness and how life limiting it can be, especially when the specific condition is not treatable with conventional medicine. This created a deep desire within me to help facilitate body-mind healing in others and lead me along a path of understanding natural healing approaches. Both aspects deeply influence my teaching as I continuously challenge my understanding of science and natural health to ensure that what I teach effectively combines the two to provide a safe and nourishing healing experience.

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I began practising Yoga and Pilates in my teens, mainly as a tool to help in my recovery from a serious and reoccurring back injury. The amazing benefits I was receiving from these disciplines coupled with a growing calling for teaching lead me to continue my studies to become a qualified teacher. I felt a profound sacred respect for Yoga and knew that in order to teach it with integrity, deeper embodiment and years of dedicated training was required. To fulfil my passion for teaching I initially certified in Pilates and later transitioned into teaching Yoga when I felt I could share from a place of understanding, truth and wisdom. Pilates still remains an integral component of my teaching repertoire since it is an extremely effective tool for rehabilitation, postural awareness and core strength. 

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I have been teaching for over a decade and continue to study and explore how best to enable change and healing in others, attending courses with world leaders in breathwork, myofascial release and body-mind healing. I’m fascinated by how our knowledge of the body is evolving and how scientific research is acknowledging and at times aligning with ancient wisdom. My mission and purpose is to help people return to sense of wholeness regardless of whether it’s a physical injury, chronic illness or a challenging life event. I’ve been lucky to work all over the world with people from all walks of life and with a huge variety of issues. After many years of international teaching I’m now happily based between Somerset and London.

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Everything in life contains Yin and Yang, including my teaching. The vivacious dancer and Pilates inspired instructor in me delivers challenging yet safe flowing sequences whilst the healing me invites a slowing down, letting go, do less attitude. For this reason I offer Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga sessions to appeal to both aspects of my teaching style, although the qualities are interchangeable and interwoven. 

 Appreciate the shadows for they are there in the first place because of the presence of light. 


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